The Peace of God


On 2 June, at 2AM, I was making myself a cup of tea. I needed the energy so I could stay up and finish off a written speech that was due, and read through some notes for my exam later that morning. My parents were sleeping on the sofa when my mom’s phone started ringing. “Who could be calling at this time?” I whined as my mom’s ring tone went off. My aunt’s name was printed across the screen.

My aunt had been diagnosed with cancer, and had come to visit a week or two prior. She had left looking and feeling a lot better than when she had arrived. On the day she left, I told her how I didn’t want her to leave. She smiled at me and said “I have to go. I have a plane flight to catch, but I’ll be back soon. And when I come back, we’ll have tons of fun, and do lots of things together.”

As my mom’s phone rang, I figured that my aunt was calling my mom to get prayer for some pains she might be having (seeing as both my mom and aunt are deep in faith and strongly believe in the power of prayer), but the call was actually from my aunt’s oldest son. I knew something was wrong when my mom gasped, shot up on the sofa and immediately started praying in tongues. “Come back, in Jesus’ Name,” I heard her pray. That’s when the awful realisation hit me. The tears pricked my eyes as I walked into my bedroom and closed the door. 

Needless to say, there was no sleep after that, and the morning was spent in tears and mournful prayer. I didn’t know how to feel.

That Sunday, we went to my late aunt’s house to spend time with my cousins, and for a church service. The one thing that surprised me the most- and also strengthened me a lot- was the attitude of my cousins. They were so strong, so calm and collected… so at peace. It was a contagious peace, a peace that I couldn’t understand, a peace that hadn’t been present in my house when we had heard the news. 

My cousins are all people of faith, living their lives in the Lord and actively serving in ministry. They turned to the Lord in their time of need.

The whole experience made me realise how God can give someone courage and peace in the toughest of situations. Those who place all their trust in the Lord will receive His undeniable, inexplicable peace. The peace that comes from knowing that He is in control. His Holy Spirit guides them and aids them, even when all hope seems lost. 

John 14:27- “I am leaving you with a gift–peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”

I’ve come to realise that the Lord shows His children- time and time again- how amazing He truly is. In situations that would typically shatter a person and completely destroy their mind, the Lord will give you the strength, courage and peace to persevere. The Lord grants us peace that can never be found in the world- peace that the world will never comprehend. Don’t let your situation steal your peace, no matter how awful, hopeless or desperate it may seem. Instead, stand strong in the Lord. Be bold and courageous. Have faith. Trust in Him with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. Watch Him do wonders and restore your peace of mind. Remember, even if you’re crisis seems impossible, all things are possible through Him who strengthens you. 🌸❤


4 thoughts on “The Peace of God

  1. How rich are we to have such a God by our side..? When the people of the world run here and there and pour all their money and are still unable to find peace within and He gives us all that and more for free 😊 I lost my mother to cancer this April and I can testify to that peace that only the He can offer….

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