The Power of Prayer

If there’s one thing I’ve always been taught to rely on, it’s prayer. No matter how good- or bad- things may be going, prayer should never be deserted.

Just yesterday, one of my siblings attended an interview for a job that he’s wanted for months. My mom called my other brother and I together right before he started his interview. We all came together, held hands and prayed that his interview would be a success, the position would be his, and that they would accept him right then and there.

If you truly want the Lord to work and minister in your life, you have to start working in faith. About three hours after praying, my mom and I were in the car when my brother called. He told us that the everything went well, and that they gave him the job not long after the interview. Along with our excitement and celebrations, prayers of thanks were given. Glory be to God!

Prayer really is powerful. It’s when someone prays that things start happening, people are delivered, lives are saved and destinies change. It brings peace and wisdom, and gives direction. Praying- talking to God, the Creator, the Redeemer, He who loves you dearly- is the most important form of communication there is.

The power of prayer is something I’ll never underestimate, because the power of my God is unlimited, and the fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much (James 5:16)

Praying silently, or on my own, is a major part of my relationship with God, and most of my prayer is done in this way. But there’s just something about praying as a unity. There’s something about coming together with other believers, and all of you worshiping the Lord, thanking Him, and declaring in faith that He has made a way where there wasn’t a way before, and declaring His blessings upon somebody’s life. There’s something amazing about praying in agreement and in faith with others. The presence of God is truly felt, it’s intense, it’s powerful. His Spirit is manifest in that gathering. That simple act of coming forth, holding hands and speaking the Word of God over somebody creates an atmosphere like no other.

It’s just as Jesus said in Matthew 18: 20, “For where two or three are gathered together in My Name, I am there in the midst of them.” When we come together in His Name and in faith, He truly IS in our midst. And you can tell that He is present by the way prayers are answered. You know God’s in the building when the you feel His anointing upon you, when He speaks into your heart and works in your life. You know He’s present and actively working when the atmosphere changes, when your faith is strengthened and your hope is restored.

In all areas of your life, involve God and pray. I urge you- don’t forget the power of the God you’re praying to. Allow Him to work in your life. You’re one powerful prayer away from changing your situation, your health, your relationship, your career, your finances, your family dynamics, your academic performance. You’re one powerful prayer away from changing your life.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Prayer

  1. It’s amazing to hear your brother got the job! What an amazing testimony to His power! Being intentional about prayer is so important, especially when things are going GOOD. People so often use prayer as a lifeline, a 911 call, and that simply isn’t fair to our Creator God. He seeks a relationship with us through prayer, and this is the only way we’re going to hear that still small voice of His, calling us to do His Kingdom Work on earth.

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